If you should ever be afforded the opportunity to come close to your own death and turn back to look at your life.. at the punctuated equilibrium.. with the stunning clarity that comes with such an incredible opportunity (and, dear sick one.. or injured one, please realize.. you could beat this thing and be the one who does this..).. 

you will know. Nothing else compares.. to 


with those around you..

and with yourself.

YHWH said, “I will BE who I will be”.. THAT is My name. And He is for us Who and what we NEED in our NOW. Breath His pure energy in and exhale the bitterness and fear. You can DO this.

He is here.. for YOU.

It’s an alligator sky.. hard skinned, but fearfully and wonderfully made.. and ready for the fierce future you understand in those wee moments upon awakening every morning.