Happy Fourth of July, world! I say that because of the AMAZING break through and – celebration with fireworks into the 4th – of our dear friends in Cairo, Egypt, who successfully deposed the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Morsi!

READ WITH ME from the 7m38s point – LINK, I read through the Declaration of Independence (with commentary). Join me!

It’s an interesting coincidence that there are 3 “declarations” that rule the day on planet Earth right now – 

1 – The 1776 USA Declaration of Independence – the strongest and longest lasting.

2 – The 1948 UN Universal Declaration for Human Rights and (last and, by far, least)

3 – The 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Isalm – the horrible notions of “Shariah” governance Egyptians are fighting against now!

There is one Declaration that stand supreme – the one for these united States of America (capitalization from the original). May we and the rest of the world see it.. before it’s too late.

Also, consider starting here – where I speak to the plight of Native Americans – First Nations People – 26m0s – LINK… great cause for humility among non-natives of every color and creed…

Also, I URGE you, if you hold the States of America dear, to contact your Senator and tell them “NO TO POWER!” Samantha Power, Obama’s appointment  for US Ambassador to the UN, is a TRAVESTY to our SOVEREIGNTY! 
TAKE ACTION by sending a fax to your Senator. Also, on that action page, there’s an even more patriotic video I made together with the Unity Coalition for Israel saying “No To Power!” – she really must be stopped, y’all.
Captain-America-up, folks. It’s time.


Power WILL work feverishly to destroy it, if appointed. Take action here – http://uc4i.org/notopower (includes video proving her sentiment toward our sovereignty.)