As part of our re-purposing our Atomsound Blog (which we’ve been keeping up with since Nov. 2003), we’ll be including info and insight from our new relationship with Beyond Organic! The healthy foods, drinks and skin-care products (skin is your body’s largest organ!) are second to none and we at Atomsound™ see it as a fitting addition to our GloriousLiberty family of helpful tools!

For 30 years now I (Tom) have been seeking answers for the illnesses that beset “modern” society. My wife and older children have also joined me in this path of discovery. We’re still putting the pieces together after all these years, but I feel like we’re much closer to understanding some of the basics.

For instance, have you ever heard this one? There are only two basic illnesses that supress vibrant, ideal health.

Can you guess what they are?

1 – Toxic Cells and

2 – Hungry (or thirsty) Cells.

That’s it!

And I believe that. Every problem we see is either one, the other or a combination of both of those fundamental problems! Yup, even that one!

But the tricky part is really and truly de-toxifying those tiny little badboys and/or getting them the juice or food they actually need to turn that immune system of yours back on!

This site is going to compile what I’ve learned over the years and also serve up a healthy dose of my wife, Michelle’s, time-tested, child-tested know-how!

Thanks for stopping by and, if you’re hungry for some of the best (GMO-free, better-than-“organic”) food God’s green Earth has to offer, go on over to our Beyond Organic site now and have a look!

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